Data Center & Colocation

Infrastructure Guides streamlines the process of connecting businesses with colocation providers, ensuring a seamless transition in their digital transformation journey.

Data Center & Colocation

Trusted Colocation Services for Seamless Connectivity

Infrastructure Guides specializes in facilitating seamless connections with colocation providers, ensuring a smooth transition for businesses in their pursuit of digital transformation. With our extensive network of trusted partners, we provide comprehensive support in finding the ideal colocation solutions that align with your specific needs. By leveraging our expertise and industry connections, Infrastructure Guides empowers you to effortlessly connect with top-tier colocation providers, enabling you to focus on your core business while we handle the infrastructure intricacies.

What is Colocation?

Colocation, also referred to as "colo," is the practice of renting space for your servers and computing hardware at a third-party data center facility. This arrangement encompasses not only the physical building but also comprehensive services such as networking, robust security measures, redundant power, and efficient cooling components that support the customer's servers and storage. By leveraging colocation services, businesses can eliminate the capital expenditures associated with building and maintaining their own facilities while retaining ownership and full control over their physical servers. However, upfront hardware costs and potential travel expenses for manual equipment access by engineers remain considerations within the colocation model. Infrastructure Guides offers reliable colocation solutions, providing businesses with a secure and well-equipped environment to optimize their IT infrastructure while mitigating the challenges of facility management and upfront investments.

Features Of A Great Colocation Space

Facilities: Providing Purpose-Built Space for Your IT Hardware

Infrastructure Guides offers colocation services that grant you access to our meticulously designed data center facilities. These spaces are carefully audited to ensure exceptional reliability, equipped with top-of-the-line racks, cabinets, and cable trays. With our dedicated facilities, you can house your IT equipment securely and efficiently.

Power: Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations with Redundant Infrastructure

At Infrastructure Guides' colocation data centers, we understand the importance of continuous power supply for your critical operations. That's why we have implemented robust backup solutions. Our facilities feature backup generators with varying levels of redundancy, as well as battery backup systems or uninterruptible power supplies. With these power infrastructure measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will stay powered even in the face of unexpected outages.

Physical Security: Safeguarding Your Assets with Vigilance

The protection of your equipment is our utmost priority. Infrastructure Guides' colocation centers boast the highest levels of physical security. Our facilities are equipped with advanced surveillance systems, enabling round-the-clock monitoring. Additionally, we have trained on-site security guards to ensure a safe and secure environment for your valuable assets. To further enhance security, we employ advanced biometric authorization systems, allowing only authorized personnel access to the designated areas.

Cooling: Preventing Heat-Related Risks for Optimal Performance

Maintaining the ideal temperature is crucial for the longevity and performance of your hardware. Infrastructure Guides' colocation services include cutting-edge cooling systems designed to protect your equipment from heat-related risks. Our facilities employ redundant HVAC systems and utilize advanced chiller configurations such as centrifugal chillers, cooling towers, and water loop pumps. With our meticulous cooling infrastructure, your hardware remains cool and protected, ensuring consistent and reliable operations.

How Can Infrastructure Guides Help?

Infrastructure Guides, a prominent facilitator of connections between businesses and available data centers, brings decades of expertise in providing secure storage solutions. Our data centers deliver comparable levels of security, adaptability, and exceptional customer service to safeguard your digital infrastructure. We specialize in constructing the necessary space and infrastructure to protect your most valuable assets while supporting the specific digital demands of your business. Whether you require an ultra-secure subterranean facility, a personalized hyperscale or edge location, or an enterprise-ready data center, Infrastructure Guides offers tailored and fully serviced colocation packages to cater to your distinct requirements.

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What our clients say about our work.

We saved 20% over any other provider we were quoted

We had a very unique set of connectivity needs and the team at Infrastructure Guides placed us in 10 data centers globally while simplifying our processes. We saved over twenty percent from any other provider we were quoted.

Client 1
Colocation Services
Colocation Services from Infrastructure Guides

IG helped us finish a migration project we started years ago

We had an infrastructure to public cloud project that we were migrating over a number of years. Infrastructure Guides wrote us a new data center contract which allowed us step down our environment over time. They also got us express routes to limit our exposure to public cloud data fees.

Client 2
Data Center to Cloud
Get Infrastructure Guides for IT Services

IG saved us $20,000 per month on our contract

We had been with the same colocation provider for over 10 years and our costs were getting out of control. Infrastructure Guides helped us negotiate back to market rates, saving us over $20,000 per month without having to change a thing with our existing infrastructure.

Client 3
Contract Renewal
Data center services with Infrastructure Guides