Dive into the future of tech, highlighting the power of Mobility, IoT, and AI/ML. Embrace seamless connectivity, smart devices, and AI insights for business success.


Mobility, Alternative Access, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI/Machine Learning Services

In the vast realm of modern technology, staying connected and informed is more than just a convenience—it's a necessity for competitive survival.

Introduction to the New Tech Frontier

The Landscape of Connected Devices

Today, billions of devices ranging from phones and tablets to smart sensors are interconnected, consistently transmitting vital data. From basic embedded sensors to devices with AI capabilities requiring minimal oversight, we're not just entering a new world of tech—we're already living in it!

Mobility: Beyond Just Phones

The Core Benefits of Mobility Solutions

Mobility isn't just about smartphones. It encompasses all connected devices that defy traditional wired setups. Consider the immense power and flexibility that comes from devices that can bypass long wires—resulting in both economic and functional advantages.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Impact and Applications of IoT

Imagine retail sensors that measure foot traffic, healthcare devices that monitor patient stats in real-time, or restaurant sensors that ensure optimal temperatures are maintained. Then, there's Apple's AirTags and highway seismic sensors that track vehicular load. The IoT revolution is about deriving more information, more efficiently. It’s about turning data into actionable insights with minimal hassle.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The Interplay Between AI and Machine Learning

The goal of true autonomous AI—a system that learns and functions independently—is still on the horizon. However, Machine Learning (ML) stands as its closest representation. While many confuse AI with ML, the latter is about using high-quality information to make predictions, improving its accuracy as it "learns" from more data.

Sourcing, Design, and Proof of Concept

The Journey from Idea to Deployment

The market is teeming with off-the-shelf IoT technology. However, designing, testing, and customizing your solution is a viable path, especially given that 60% of IoT initiatives falter during the Proof of Concept (POC) phase. Thus, it's often beneficial to rely on pre-built solutions or established developers.

Deployment & Management

Modern Trends in Device Management

While once solely the realm of in-house IT teams, the deployment and management of tech solutions are now frequently outsourced. Many organizations now opt for pre-configured solutions, offering convenience, efficiency, and the promise of expert long-term device management.

POTS Replacement

The Evolution and Benefits

The retirement of many traditional copper networks has paved the way for mobile or smart POTS replacement solutions. These new-gen solutions don't just replicate the functionality of their predecessors; they often present a cost-effective upgrade with expanded capabilities.

Continuity — Backup Connection

Ensuring Reliability and Optimized Data Flow

Having a backup connection is akin to having an invaluable insurance policy. Whether it's to substitute a failing circuit or as an element of an SD-WAN solution, the right backup ensures uninterrupted data flow, optimal performance, and business continuity.

Fixed Wireless Connectivity

The Strategic Role of Fixed Wireless

While not always the primary connection mode, fixed wireless can serve specific devices or be integrated into a broader strategy. Many major cities offer fixed wireless networks, providing businesses with versatile connectivity options.

Promote Mobility and IoT to Your Customers

Leveraging Sandler Partners for Success

For those affiliated with Sandler Partners, there's access to customizable Mobility/IoT campaigns right in the Marketing Center. From strategic targeted campaigns to social posts and more, Sandler Partners equips businesses to position themselves as thought leaders in the mobility and IoT sectors.

In conclusion, with Infrastructure Guides as your navigator in this intricate tech landscape, your business is poised to leverage the immense power and potential of Mobility, IoT, and AI/ML. As the digital age progresses, ensuring you're equipped with the right tools and knowledge becomes paramount—and that's precisely where Infrastructure Guides steps in.

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We had a very unique set of connectivity needs and the team at Infrastructure Guides placed us in 10 data centers globally while simplifying our processes. We saved over twenty percent from any other provider we were quoted.

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Colocation Services from Infrastructure Guides

IG helped us finish a migration project we started years ago

We had an infrastructure to public cloud project that we were migrating over a number of years. Infrastructure Guides wrote us a new data center contract which allowed us step down our environment over time. They also got us express routes to limit our exposure to public cloud data fees.

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We had been with the same colocation provider for over 10 years and our costs were getting out of control. Infrastructure Guides helped us negotiate back to market rates, saving us over $20,000 per month without having to change a thing with our existing infrastructure.

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